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There is just one adult female ThunderCat, Cheetara, whom was modelled on the Cheetah. Her greatest physical asset is her lightning-quick reflexes, which she employs to her advantage in battle to effortlessly avoid and dodge assaults. Her greatest speed was implied to be substantially higher than that when she was jogging at a pace of 30 seconds per mile, or 120 mph, inside the episode Pump-Ra.

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Her top speed can only be maintained for around 2 miles until she gets tired. Her “Sixth Sense,” which allowed her to see into the past and the future, was so exhausting that she sometimes viewed it as a curse; those visions would arise at random and it would take days or even weeks for her just to recover when she pushed them to manifest. “Woman’s intuition” was also something she attributed to her ability to perceive danger in others. Gold, to Cheetara, was a particularly “useless” metal.

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“The Telepathy Beam” appears to show that she is able to better manage her powers. Baton as well as bo staff, that could be extended to any length as well as fired energy beams, was her weapon of choice. When not in use, it was linked to a cuff around her left arm. “I assume sandy blonde was the intended colour. Due to our limited colour options, we choose the one that comes closest to what we’re going for. Red was not part of the plan. The initial paintings of Gadget depicted her as a blonde woman dressed in blue coveralls.”

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Cave Entrance: A Renamon is present. A DigiCarp is requested from the Hero after Taomon as well as Wormmon have been accepted into the City, and once the Hero hands over a DigiCarp, Renamon is accepted into the City. For such Hero’s Digimon partner, Renamon creates a restaurant and serves stuff. The Digimon’s stats are boosted by eating this food.

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Rouge is indeed a government spy whose works only for her personal benefit from time to time. Jewels are Rouge’s favourite thing in the world, and she adores them more than anything else. She can switch from being a smart spy to a jewel treasure hunter in the blink of an eye, and she has no reservations about lying and misleading others to achieve what she wants.

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Although she appears to be cold and unfeeling, beneath the surface she has a compassionate heart. In actuality, Rouge has shown herself to be valiant, loyal, caring for others, or, at the very least, morally upright on numerous occasions. She was instrumental in saving the earth at the end of Sonic Adventure 2. 

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She served as a mediator between Shadows and Alpha in Sonic Heroes. Rouge assisted Shadow in Sonic Battle when he was hurt and needed a somewhere to stay. It’s not just the heroic actions she performed in Shadow the Hedgehog that make her a worthy character. She also rescued a Chaos Emerald from either the doomed mainframe, destroyed the terrible creature Black Bull, and assisted Shadow with defeating Black Doom.

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